Pedestrians and passing cars are always thankful for the light at the end of the tunnel, especially around the spooky holiday that’s coming up soon. Roadway lighting and controls practices allow designers to apply proper streetlights to help guide us to our destinations in the night, whether we are walking or driving on the streets and freeways. While we often never consider there is such a thing as the “right” roadway lighting for the job, Roadway lighting manufacturers can show you otherwise.

Urban designers are continually using roadway lighting standards as precedents for their lighting design. The perfect roadway lighting not only illuminates the way of those using the spaces but brings to light the quality of their plan.

3 Roadway Lighting and Controls Practices to Know

Not all streetlights are the same; each has its principal use and allows the user to find their way home or light a path in the darkness. When it comes to a streetlight project, a designer must consult with roadway lighting design guides to properly layout the correct lighting plan for their design.

Safety is FIRST

The primary job of a streetlight is to provide a safe passage to those using the roads and streets. As a user, you always take the path extremely lit because it makes you feel secure. Roadway lighting and controls recommended practices make it a priority for designers to always keep safety as the main focus of any urban project.

Think of the impact

Designers don’t just place roadway lighting fixtures on a project only to assess the need for it. They must analyze how impactful their choice of lighting and controls will be in their plan. Even if the analysis provides them with negative and positive impacts, they must see every possible obstacle the lights could provide after installed.

Wide range as possible

Optical performance in a street light is key in roadway lighting solutions. A dimly lit roadway light only shining on a small portion of the road isn’t going to make us feel safe to cross, but a light fixture illuminating a large part makes the street look more secure. Each streetlight has a an area of coverage it provides and allows designers to know precisely how much illumination they will provide.

Our Manufacturer Representatives Will Help You in Your Urban Design

Nevada Sales Agency offers many options for your project to make your design stand out and provide the best illumination for users. We work with only the finest manufacturers so that you will feel confident in your decision for your streetlight. Contact us today to work with one of the representatives!

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