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Cooper Lighting



Cooper's Skyridge luminare with the Integrated Sensor option is a fast, easy way to meet or exceed strict energy codes for both controls and lighting standards. The senosr is fully integrated into the fixture with no additional wiring or special installation needed. The Integrated Senor has both daylight harvesting and occupancy sensor capabilities ready to use right out of the box.



Manufacturers representative for lighting and control products

Carmanah Technologies - Solar lighting and power systems
Selux - Solar exterior lighting
Sol - Outdoor off-grid solar and energy efficient grid-tied LED lighting.
Visionaire - Solar vision pole / lighting

3G Lighting - Architectural recessed, Decorative Iguzzini North America - Italian interior/exterior lighting
Advent - Decorative iLight Technologies - Custom linear LED lighting for smooth, even light output
American Green Technology - Induction Lighting, Airborne pathogen UVC eradication troffer Isolite - Specialty exits
Bartco - Specification grade linear LED and fluorescent Luminaires Kenall - Institutional, Security
Bega - Distinctive die cast architectural Kirlin - Downlighting, Specialty
Bruck Lighting - Accent, Art, Display LDPI - Hazardous locations
Celestial Lighting - LED & Tube lighting Lexington Standards - Aluminum poles
Certified LED - Commercial and residential grade T8 and T12 LED tubes Lighting Services Inc (LSI) - Track, Accent, Display and LED Lighting Systems
Con-Tech Lighting - Innovative, high-performance and sustainable lighting solutions Limburg - Unique interior architectural luminaires
Cooper Lighting Brands Litelines - No Website Available, Concrete bollards
    All-Pro - Economic Emergency Lighting Systems Lucifer - Adjustable arch downlights, Strip lighting
    Ametrix - Architectural Asymetric Luminaires, Including ceiling, suspended, semi-recessed and cove LumenArt - Decorative glass pendants and sconces
    Atlite - The perfect product for your general accent, task or emergency lighting application Luminii - Specification Grade LED linear lighing systems in White color temps and RGB
    Corelite - Affordable architectural direct and indirect fluorescent and LED Luminaires MKB Energy Solutions - Horticulture and Grow Lighting
    Failsafe- Medical, clean room, vandal resistant and confinement lighting for a variety of applications Musco Lighting - Sportslighting
    Halo- Quality recessed, track and surface products for commercial, residential, institutional and hospitality National Signal Inc/NuArt - Illuminated street name signs, Specialty fixtures
    Halo Commercial- Recessed downlights designed to provide maximum performance without sacrificing cost Nulite - Specification Grade, Architectural and Commercial, LED and Florescent Lighting Products
    Invue- Specification-grade architectural outdoor lighting solutions, including area/site, wall mount and floodlighting NuVue Lighting - Induction Lighting
    IO- Indoor and outdoor LED architectural products, including linear floodlights, cove lighting and illuminated handrails Prudential Lighting - Architectural Interior Ambient Luminaires
    Iris- Specification-grade, architectural recessed downlighting luminaires with unsurpassed optical performance Q-Tran - Highly Efficienct Low Voltage Power Supplies
    Lumark- Quality commercial industrial products to satisfy virtually every indoor and outdoor LED and HID lighting need Sea Gull Lighting- Decorative residential
    Lumiere- Innovative architectural and landscape solutions for complex landscape, area/accent and special applications Selux - Outdoor, Linear
    McGraw-Edison- High-performance architectural LED and HID fixtures for outdoor industrial, utility and commercial applications Sistemalux - Architectural interior/exterior lighting
    Metalux- Industry-leading fluorescent and LED lighting, including parabolics, lensed, recessed, surface and strip fixtures Soraa - "Simply Perfect" LED lamps
    MWS- Branch circuit wiring for lighting and power applications SpecGrade LED's - LED Indoor & Outdoor solutions, RGB Flood lights and projectors
    Neo-Ray- Innovative direct, indirect and surface-mounted specification-grade fluorescent and LED architectural Luminaires SPI - Architectural indirect and performance
    Portfolio- Specification-grade LED, compact fluorescent, incandescent, low voltage and HID fixtures for recessed and surface applications SPI - Advent- Architectural, Decorative
    RSA- Cutting-edge, architectural lighting systems including multi-lamp recessed, track and linear lighting SPI - Stile- Linear, Indirect Lighting Solutions
    Shaper Architectural , specification-grade decorative lighting fixtures for interior and exterior SPJ - Landscape
    Streetworks - Outdoor LED and HID solutions for utility, D.O.T. and municipal markets Tambient - Furniture mounted fixtures
    Sure-Lites - Innovative emergency and exit lighting products designed for commercial, industrial and residential markets TLI / Teron Lighting - Decorative interior/exterior
CSL - Mini, Jewel low voltage recessed, Linear Traxon - Dynamic lighting and control solutions.
ELA - American manufacturer of decorative outside/ site lighting, poles and furnishings; and custom decorative lighting. Troy RLM Lighting - RLM's
Elan - Modern sculptures that bring light into a space Valmont - Street, Traffic standards
Electrix - Architectural spec grade cove lighting Visa - Custom, Specialty, Decorative
Elliptipar - Performance in & from lighting Visionaire - Exterior lighting
Excelsior Lighting - Specification-grade, landscape lighting products offering designs for both standard & custom applications. Wayne Tyler - Concrete bollards
HessAmerica - Contemporary Euro-Style Architectural Wila - Specialty downlighting
  Zumtobel - Indirect, Direct, Downlighting


Lighting & Energy Management
Cooper Controls
    Fifth Light - Complete lighting management system, using DALI ballast and lighting management software. Patient bedside multi-media integration system.
    Greengate - Cost-effective, reliable, and efficient energy management solutions consisting of Lighting Control Panels, Occupancy Sensors, and Day-lighting Control.
    Ilumin - Architectural Intelligent Lighting Control System.
    Venergy - Real-time Advanced Power Metering System.
    Wallbox Dimmers - Cost effective 0-10v wallbox dimming.
    Zero 88 - Entertainment Lighing Controls for theatrical and live performance.
Echoflex Solutions - Industry leader in innovative design and manufacture of battery-free wireless lighting controls.
Strand - Architectural dimming, Theatrical systems, and Relay Panels


DSPM - Emergency Lighting power systems
Isolite - Emergency Lighting Inverters
Myers Power Products - Emergency Lighting Inverters which provide support for all types for lighting sources including LED and HID.
Emergency Power Systems


Solatube - Commercial tubular skylights
Light Louver - Optical Lighting Distribution System.
Passive Daylighting Solutions


Roadway, Infrastructure, Offsite
King Luminaire - Ornamental street lighting
National Signal Inc/NuArt - Illuminated street name signs, Specialty fixtures
Pacific Utility Products - Power, Lighting pedestal, Custom cabinets
StressCrete - Spun concrete poles
Streetworks - Outdoor LED and HID solutions for utility, D.O.T. and municipal markets
Valmont - Street, Traffic standards