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Elliptipar's LED wall wash luminaires use the patented Fraqtir optic to create a uniform plane of light that minimizes glare and spill light. The wall wash luminaires are available in three styles: S222, S223, and S224 which are available in a varitey of lengths, mountings, and light output options to suit any project.



Manufacturers representative for lighting and control products

Carmanah Technologies - Solar lighting and power systems
Selux - Solar exterior lighting
Sol - Outdoor off-grid solar and energy efficient grid-tied LED lighting.
Visionaire - Solar vision pole / lighting

3G Lighting - Architectural recessed, Decorative iLight Technologies - Custom linear LED lighting for smooth, even light output
ABS Lighting - Exterior lighting Intense - Stainless steel, Arch/Comm recessed, Track
Advent - Decorative Isolite - Specialty exits
AGI Lighting - Innovative LED Lighting Kenall - Institutional, Security
American Green Technology - Induction Lighting, Airborne pathogen UVC eradication troffer Kirlin - Downlighting, Specialty
Bega - Distinctive die cast architectural LDPI - Hazardous locations
Birchwood - Linear LED and FL lighting, spec-grade cove, display and strip fixtures Lexington Standards - Aluminum poles
Bruck Lighting - Accent, Art, Display Lighting Services Inc - Specification Grade Track & Fixtures
Celestial Lighting - LED & Tube lighting Lighting Solutions - LED Indoor & Outdoor solutions, RGB Flood lights and projectors
Cooper Lighting Brands Limburg - Unique interior architectural luminaires
    All-Pro - Economic Emergency Lighting Systems Litelines - No Website Available, Concrete bollards
    Ametrix - Architectural Asymetric Luminaires, Including ceiling, suspended, semi-recessed and cove Lucifer - Adjustable arch downlights, Strip lighting
    Atlite - The perfect product for your general accent, task or emergency lighting application LumenArt - Decorative glass pendants and sconces
    Corelite - Affordable architectural direct and indirect fluorescent and LED Luminaires Luminii - Specification Grade LED linear lighing systems in White color temps and RGB
    Failsafe- Medical, clean room, vandal resistant and confinement lighting for a variety of applications Musco Lighting - Sportslighting
    Halo- Quality recessed, track and surface products for commercial, residential, institutional and hospitality National Signal Inc/NuArt - Illuminated street name signs, Specialty fixtures
    Halo Commercial- Recessed downlights designed to provide maximum performance without sacrificing cost Nulite - Specification Grade, Architectural and Commercial, LED and Florescent Lighting Products
    Invue- Specification-grade architectural outdoor lighting solutions, including area/site, wall mount and floodlighting NuVue Lighting - Induction Lighting
    IO- Indoor and outdoor LED architectural products, including linear floodlights, cove lighting and illuminated handrails Prudential Lighting - Architectural Interior Ambient Luminaires
    Iris- Specification-grade, architectural recessed downlighting luminaires with unsurpassed optical performance Q-Tran - Highly Efficienct Low Voltage Power Supplies
    Lumark- Quality commercial industrial products to satisfy virtually every indoor and outdoor LED and HID lighting need Sea Gull Lighting- Decorative residential
    Lumiere- Innovative architectural and landscape solutions for complex landscape, area/accent and special applications Selux - Outdoor, Linear
    McGraw-Edison- High-performance architectural LED and HID fixtures for outdoor industrial, utility and commercial applications Sistemalux - Architectural interior/exterior lighting
    Metalux- Industry-leading fluorescent and LED lighting, including parabolics, lensed, recessed, surface and strip fixtures Soraa - "Simply Perfect" LED lamps
    MWS- Branch circuit wiring for lighting and power applications SPI - Architectural indirect and performance
    Neo-Ray- Innovative direct, indirect and surface-mounted specification-grade fluorescent and LED architectural Luminaires SPI - Advent- Architectural, Decorative
    Portfolio- Specification-grade LED, compact fluorescent, incandescent, low voltage and HID fixtures for recessed and surface applications SPI - Stile- Linear, Indirect Lighting Solutions
    RSA- Cutting-edge, architectural lighting systems including multi-lamp recessed, track and linear lighting SPJ - Landscape
    Shaper Architectural , specification-grade decorative lighting fixtures for interior and exterior Tambient - Furniture mounted fixtures
    Streetworks - Outdoor LED and HID solutions for utility, D.O.T. and municipal markets TLI / Teron Lighting - Decorative interior/exterior
    Sure-Lites - Innovative emergency and exit lighting products designed for commercial, industrial and residential markets Traxon - Dynamic lighting and control solutions.
CSL - Mini, Jewel low voltage recessed, Linear Troy RLM Lighting - RLM's
ELA - American manufacturer of decorative outside/ site lighting, poles and furnishings; and custom decorative lighting. Valmont - Street, Traffic standards
Electrix - Architectural spec grade cove lighting Visa - Custom, Specialty, Decorative
Elliptipar - Performance in & from lighting Visionaire - Exterior lighting
HessAmerica - Contemporary Euro-Style Architectural Wayne Tyler - Concrete bollards
Iguzzini North America - Italian interior/exterior lighting Wila - Specialty downlighting
  Zumtobel - Indirect, Direct, Downlighting


Lighting & Energy Management
Cooper Controls
Fifth Light - Complete lighting management system, using DALI ballasts and lighting management software. Patient bedside multi-media integration system.
Greengate - Cost-effective, reliable, and efficient energy management solutions consisting of Lighting Control Panels, Occupancy Sensors, and Day-lighting Control.
Ilumin - Architectural Intelligent Lighting Control System.
Venergy - Real-time Advanced Power Metering System.
Wallbox Dimmers - Cost effective 0-10v wallbox dimming.
Zero 88 - Entertainment Lighting Controls for theatrical and live performance.
Strand - Architectural dimming, Theatrical systems, and Relay Panels


DSPM - Emergency lighting power systems
Myers Power Products - Emergency Lighting Inverters which provide support for all types for lighting sources including LED and HID.
Emergency Power Systems


Solatube - Commercial tubular skylights
Light Louver - Optical Lighting Distribution System.
Passive Daylighting Solutions


Roadway, Infrastructure, Offsite
King Luminaire - Ornamental street lighting
National Signal Inc/NuArt - Illuminated street name signs, Specialty fixtures
Pacific Utility Products / Myers Power Products - Power, Lighting pedestal, Custom cabinets/ Emergency Lighting Inverters which provide support for all types for lighting sources including LED and HID.
StressCrete - Spun concrete poles
Streetworks - Outdoor LED and HID solutions for utility, D.O.T. and municipal markets
Valmont - Street, Traffic standards